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Case Study: A Focus On Support

The following is a recent case study on a regional law firm with locations in three states and 150 employees. The firm is headquartered in Mobile, Alabama.

Upon splitting away from its parent company, the law firm lost its prior MSP partner, forcing the team to take on support of their own infrastructure and leading to numerous additional issues. The client’s key drivers for transitioning to the cloud was a desire for full management, similar to what they already experienced with the MSP, and a similar backend, patching, and updates. They also needed a solution that could run TrialWorks, their core line-of-business application. The firm reached out to their trusted technology consultant with these needs, requesting to explore cloud options.

RapidScale was brought into the opportunity to resolve the firm’s performance and support issues. RapidScale’s team of experts evaluated the customer’s need and put together a cloud solution to resolve performance and support issues, as well as provide cost efficiency and reliability. Ultimately, RapidScale proposed its Infrastructure as a Service solution, CloudServer. With RapidScale’s unique managed solution it provided the customer with not just any-day, any-time support, but also complete management and monitoring of the customer’s systems including patching, updates, upgrades, and much more. With RapidScale’s CloudServer the customer will be able to scale, allowing them to be reactive as they experience business changes. The firm was also able to continue using its core line-of-business application, TrialWorks, in the new cloud environment.

Finally, RapidScale also provided the customer with our Hosted Exchange offering, CloudMail, and the complete Microsoft Office Suite.

RapidScale was able to recognize and meet the client’s exact needs, designing the perfect cloud solution for that particular firm. It not only helped resolve current issues, but also had the ability to grow and evolve alongside the company. Regardless of the size or industry, RapidScale’s dedication is delivered to all clients.

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