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Cloud Sales Strategies and Tips

Customers won’t fully buy into the cloud if they don’t fully understand it and its benefits to their business specifically. Sales messaging should be value-driven, and the strategy should be based on cloud education. Once prospects or current clients understand that the cloud is a stable, viable, secure and beneficial option for their business, you’ll be the go-to when they make the move.

Don’t Sell. Educate!

Even today, many organizations don’t fully understand the cloud and therefore are clueless as to how it can impact their business. Many businesses will probably be hesitant at first and list off all the reasons why they think the cloud isn’t feasible for them. That’s the golden opportunity to educate them! And education can take many forms, including offering to chat over the phone, setting up a demo, sharing white papers or blog posts, or sending clients or prospects to RapidScale’s customer-facing CloudUniversity platform. We also have some tips on how to handle cloud objections here.

Think long term.

A cloud sale doesn’t necessarily happen right away. It takes time and patience. Identify different long-term targets to pursue, and make sure you’re the go-to if they start thinking “cloud.” Keep an eye out for signs of fatigue in their business, and anticipate different opportunities so you can be there at the right moment. If you remain persistent, you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to go.

Demonstrate when possible.

Cold calling can be tough, and often you’ll get a response like, “Just email me.” Unfortunately, cloud doesn’t lend itself as well to PDFs or white papers, though those are better than nothing. Cloud computing is something that should be seen in action! Let potential clients know this and offer to schedule a quick demo at their convenience.

Use the tools at your disposal.

It’s easy, and definitely helpful, to combine client information with social media or email tools. Doing this means you can be alerted when a client has big life news, giving you a great chance to check in with them. Additionally, use the marketing materials available to you! Many sales teams forget to collaborate with marketing, but together, this is the dream team. RapidScale provides a massive amount of marketing to our sales partners. Head to our Partner Portal to check them out. Don’t have access? Email our marketing team!

Emphasize security and compliance.

You’ll probably need to dispel some of the myths surrounding cloud security. These continue to be major barriers to cloud adoption, so it’s important to reassure potential clients that they’ll be in good hands. Emphasize that breaches tend to occur not because of where the data is stored, but because of insufficient policies, procedures and processes, which isn’t an issue with RapidScale. Make sure you’re informed on cloud security and the measures we have in place. Take our Cloud Security course here.

Establish yourself.

This goes along with thinking long term. You don’t want to be the pesky salesperson. When you’re working with potential customers, you want to establish yourself as their trusted IT and cloud advisor. They should think of you as someone who can oversee and reevaluate their cloud solutions to ensure their needs are met 24x7x365.

RapidScale provides sales and marketing tools to help our sales partners close deals. We also offers side-by-side selling so you can always have a cloud expert by your side when you’re reaching out to customers. Make sure you’re in contact with your regional channel manager to take advantage of everything RapidScale has to offer!

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