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Course 4: How to Position the Cloud

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This is the final lesson in the RapidScale certification program. In this section, you will learn about qualifying customers, setting up customer roadmaps, establishing needed data, and much more.

Course Curriculum

Business Drivers for Moving to the Cloud 00:07:00
The Consultant Approach 00:10:00
Qualifying Potential Customers 00:12:00
Cloud Roadmapping 00:08:00
The Implementation Process 00:08:00
Case Studies 00:10:00
Course 4 Final Quiz 01:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Ahmed Sharaf

    Embracing this information will help you succeed!


    Practical knowledge anyone in this space need to know!

  2. Profile photo of Su Beler

    Powerful, direct & relevant!


    Everyone interested in buying or selling this technology should take this course.

  3. Profile photo of Chris Moreira

    Awesome course


    The course did a great job breaking down all the benefits a customer can obtain switching to cloud services. Great info!

  4. Profile photo of Joshua Hadfield

    just ok


    Training certainly had lots of good content. Most of it is stale and from 2014. Plenty of deadlinks / links taking you out of the training module. Some questions in the quiz are outright incorrect but you can guess the answer which is supposed to be correct.

    You will get a good sense of how to sell and basic terminology.

  5. Profile photo of RANGA

    Excellent course for someone looking at understanding current Cloud offerings. Very simple to follow and lucid. Case studies provided are very useful

  6. Profile photo of Randy Rupert

    Awesome – Thank you for giving this resource

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