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Hosted Exchange: A Modern Approach to Business Email

Microsoft Exchange has become the gold standard for business email. It increases productivity and successfully keeps people connected around the world. However, traditional Exchange is often out of reach for small businesses or organizations with limited resources due to high costs, hardware requirements, and management responsibilities. 

Enter Hosted Exchange. This is a solution that’s managed in the cloud by a provider like RapidScale. Hosting enables businesses of any size, in any industry, to take advantage of the major benefits of Microsoft Exchange. In general, Hosted Exchange removes the need for on-site Exchange servers and the associated management and maintenance. Consequently, this also eliminates the need to spend huge amounts upfront on hardware and software.

RapidScale’s Hosted Exchange solution is CloudMail, which comes in two flavors: Multi-Tenant CloudMail and Enterprise CloudMail, the private, dedicated service. These solutions deliver enterprise-grade business email to any organization, along with the many benefits of cloud computing.

Hosted Exchange enhances security and is the best option if data privacy and information security are critical to an organization. RapidScale runs CloudMail out of fully managed data centers and offers anti-spam and anti-virus protection, encryption, and compliant email archiving for businesses. With these measures in place, Hosted Exchange removes the threat of personal data loss and meets various industry and government regulations.

Additionally, RapidScale is committed to providing the highest SLA possible, with 100% guaranteed uptime and around-the-clock support. The CloudMail solution is managed and maintained by RapidScale, and we know how essential business email is. Email downtime impacts productivity, client satisfaction, and the bottom line. With Hosted Exchange, a business’ team can continue sending and receiving email, working uninterrupted in all situations.

Hosted Exchange remains Outlook compatible, syncing with the Outlook Web App and mobile devices. It’s easier than ever to collaborate across the office or across the world. With a Hosted Exchange solution, users experience shared calendars, contacts and tasks, all of which can be accessed via any Internet-capable device. Users can simply access their email by logging in through a secure site. And users that treat email like a virtual filing cabinet will appreciate CloudMail, which offers 50GB of mailbox storage. This flexibility leads to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

CloudMail meets the needs of businesses, especially those facing seasonal shifts or major growth. With Hosted Exchange, it’s quick and easy to add and remove users during these periods of change. And as the cloud solution works on a pay-as-you-go or per-user basis, businesses pay according to their usage at any given time. This makes it easier to deal with shifts in demand without overspending or under-allocating resources, and makes CloudMail available to any size business. The Hosted Exchange solution simply grows with the business.

Hosted Exchange is becoming the new gold standard for business email, and RapidScale’s approach is CloudMail. Eager to learn more about CloudMail? Start RapidScale’s Certification Program to gain in-depth knowledge on all of our cloud solutions, or begin our Secure Messaging for Email course to learn about security and email.

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