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How to Sell CloudDesktop

Do you ever catch yourself asking “how can I sell CloudDesktop better?” Well, let’s take a step back and review more in detail what the product is, and who a good fit for it might be. You should anticipate frequently asked questions so you can answer on the spot. When selling RapidScale’s cloud solutions, having a better grasp on each specific topic can really come in handy.

You should deliver an accessible and brief definition of CloudDesktop so that you’re not wasting time on decoding what you’re selling, but more of weighing the positives of what CloudDesktop offers. Here’s a quick and brief way to explain CloudDesktop:

With CloudDesktop, organizations can access any of their desired apps on any device globally. RapidScale’s Desktop as a Service solution gives organizations the ability to move quickly and work at any given time by transferring all of their applications and desktops to the cloud. By doing this they are then apart of the revolutionary virtual desktop environment, allowing them to connect to their data and programs through the Internet from any device, anywhere in the world!

Some important things to note about CloudDesktop include:

  • RapidScale is the global leader in Desktop as a Service
  • Customers can access their apps on any device globally
  • All applications and desktops can move to the cloud
  • Virtual desktops are accessible through an Internet connection
  • 24x7x365 support and management
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Pay As You Go

Once you have highlighted key drivers of CloudDesktop, elaborate a little more on how it can help organizations.

CloudDesktop helps eliminate cost and improve security by no longer having to rely on local machines to perform tasks or run applications. It extends the life of existing hardware. Point out that if the client owns any devices such as tablets, desktops, smartphones, laptops, and more, they can convert their office to anywhere, anytime. With a mobile office organizations can rapidly add new users with the single click of a button – sharing the desktop and applications with anyone in their organization. CloudDesktop also reduces businesses’ capital spend by combining compute, licensing, upgrades, management, and more into a simple monthly charge.

Although customers have the ability to choose a fully managed RapidScale solution, they also have choices on how they want to build their CloudDesktop. They have three compute packages: Premium, Business or Basic. Customers can also pick their operating system, included applications, and implementation preferences.

Some questions you as a seller should ask are:

How much time goes to maintaining devices? How are users sharing files?
How many users are in the organization? How do they manage licensing today?
What applications are they running today? Who manages IT?
What licensing do they own today? Where do they back up their data?
Do any users work remotely?  Do remote users have issues accessing applications?


It’s important to know your customer. Who are you selling to? Are they a great match for CloudDesktop? You need to know who’s a good fit before selling.

The following attributes may indicate that a client is a great match for CloudDesktop:

  • 100+ users
  • Need to refresh desktops, laptops or tablets
  • Interested in a BYOD model
  • Remote employees or users who travel often
  • Need to be able to add or remove users quickly
  • Limited IT resources

Top 4 CloudDesktop FAQs:

Question: What is the difference between CloudDesktop and my regular desktop?

Answer: Mobility, advanced security, redundancy, manageability, and more are some of the many differentiators. CloudDesktop is scalable and produces a virtual workspace that increases the connection to data and other users. It increases productivity within the IT department by moving the physical IT infrastructure to the cloud. It also allows employees to work in an enterprise-grade environment that is controlled and monitored around the clock.

Question: What is BYOD and how does it relate to CloudDesktop?

Answer: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows organizations and their employees to use personal devices for work purposes. CloudDesktop enables organizations to embrace this trending method. BYOD is perfect for customers who are looking to increase productivity, innovation, and security all while decreasing cost. CloudDesktop can run on practically any mobile or Internet-connected device.

Question: How do my business applications factor into CloudDesktop?

Answer: RapidScale has the ability to integrate businesses’ existing applications into their CloudDesktop solution. 97% of applications can be implemented and supported in the cloud. If you are looking for new apps, then we can help match your business with the perfect ones. Citrix Receiver is an easy-to-install client software that gives customers the access they need for their business applications, as well as any data, from anywhere, on any device.

Question: How is my data protected?

Answer: With RapidScale’s enterprise security team and infrastructure, businesses will not have to worry about viruses, malware, and rogue employees at an infrastructure level. RapidScale’s Desktop as a Service is the most secure business computer solution for all sizes. RapidScale manages as much or as little as a business wants, with 24x7x365 support. The infrastructures are secured through SSL encryption at 2048-bit, and software applications are streamed and hosted using 256-bit AES encryption.

Hopefully this helped create a solid foundation for selling RapidScale’s CloudDesktop. Reach out to your Channel Manager or Sales Engineer to complete side-by-side selling or have additional questions answered. 

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