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Next-Level Innovation in the Cloud

The definition of business innovation changes depending on the context. Innovation at a software company would probably look different than innovation in healthcare. However, at its core, business innovation starts with an improved understanding of a product, service or process, and what needs to change for overall business improvement.

The IT Role

Implementation of an innovation often falls to the IT team. Therefore, if IT can be deployed, configured and adapted faster, innovation in the business will grow. And guess what can add this efficiency to IT? Well, the cloud of course. Cloud-based IT is a major factor in business innovation. Its self-service, cost efficient, and scalable model make it perfect for businesses looking to grow and innovate in their sector.

The cloud provider focuses solely on managing the cloud IT assets a business uses. On the business side, this opens up more time to innovate, as the IT team no longer needs to handle provisioning, management and maintenance. The focus can shift to strategic and innovative projects that can be implemented in minutes, rather than months, because the necessary computing resources are available instantly.

Innovate More Often

Due to the nature of cloud resources, businesses are able to use the same budget and amount of resources to experiment with more innovative ideas than was traditionally possible. With so much of IT moving to the cloud and being managed by the provider, advanced IT leaders within the organization can reach their full potential and experiment with their unique ideas that previously fell on the back burner. Cloud computing, and a managed cloud services provider like RapidScale, removes IT constraints and frees this team to collaborate and co-innovate with coworkers and business users. This leads to new business solutions that can differentiate an organization and truly address users’ needs and wants.

Moving to the cloud also demonstrates that an organization is forward-thinking and proactive. This will attract top talent and the innovation will keep growing.

Scale Effortlessly

Cloud computing resources, like processor power, RAM, applications and more, are extremely scalable. This presents a huge opportunity to businesses because they can suddenly handle demand changes with minimal effort. When working on innovative new products, this is key. It’s necessary in the testing phase, as it eliminates the investment in new infrastructure that might prove unnecessary down the road. Many organizations simply aren’t able to afford new hardware just to test an innovation, and that keeps them from beginning a new project in the first place.

Scalability is even more important when an innovation proves successful. The innovation can be implemented quickly, and computing resources can scale effortlessly to address the likely business spikes. Cloud computing allows businesses to access powerful computing power and resources as needed, without committing to an amount you’re unsure of long term.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll invent the “next big thing” just because you moved to the cloud. But the cloud supports innovation within business. It eliminates barriers that IT often experiences, clearing the way for major innovation. Budget and focus shift from IT management to strategic business projects and decisions. IT can transition from maintenance personnel to creators and leaders. Don’t limit your team – access their full potential with assistance from the cloud!

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