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The Benefits of Cloud for Manufacturing

For the next post in our blog series, “How Can My Industry Benefit from the Cloud?” we’re discussing the impact of cloud solutions on the manufacturing industry! Organizations in this sector tend to have locations all over the globe, which presents a lot of challenges that the cloud is able to address. Let’s get into some of the benefits of cloud for manufacturing.

Location Irrelevance

Manufacturers tend to manage locations locally and globally. This is a lot to manage, but cloud computing lessens the burden. It enables sharing of information and ease of communication from any location, using any Internet-capable device. This makes the management of diverse locations and supply chains a much smoother process.

Cloud-based manufacturing solutions offer the necessary infrastructure to power separate locations, as well as the ability to establish a clear line of communication between all locations within the secure cloud environment. In the cloud, manufacturers are able to rethink their supply chain operations. Their factories and warehouses don’t need to be thought of as separate. They can be jointly managed and monitored, even if they’re geographically diverse. The cloud creates a single, secure environment that unifies manufacturing operations and integrates all business processes, no matter where they are happening.

Supply Chain Insight

Cloud computing leads to data gathering and ultimately business insights. By moving to cloud-based operations, manufacturers are able to gain some major insight into the entire supply chain and lifecycle of the products, from the prototype stage all the way to the final product.

Scaling and Cost Efficiency

A major benefit of the cloud for all industries is the ability to scale. With a cloud approach to operations, manufacturers can quickly and easily scale their resources up or down. This offers the ability to rethink manufacturing facilities without experiencing major IT costs, time, and maintenance overheads. That’s the difference between cloud and traditional systems. Traditional, on-premises solutions would require pretty major spending.

Customer Focus

Today, we live in an extremely customer-centric world. There are high expectations among consumers for product design, quality and availability. They have a huge appetite for the latest, coolest products, and this is leading to a shortening of the life cycle of products – especially in technology.

Consumers also want personalized products, so this needs to be a focus of manufacturers moving forward. Manufacturing will quickly become more and more digitized, so these organizations will have to make use of emerging technologies. They need processes that can enable collaboration with partners, customers and anyone else involved in their products. Guess what can help in this area? Yup. Cloud computing.

The cloud is driving manufacturing into its next phase, which will largely revolve around customization, innovation and a unified, global workforce. Manufacturers will quickly be forced to reinvent their business processes, and the cloud will make this a smooth transition. Cloud computing can enable manufacturers to respond to a rapidly changing business environment.

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