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The Benefits of Cloud for Real Estate

It’s that time again! We’re continuing our blog series, “How Can My Industry Benefit from the Cloud?” and up this week is real estate! Cloud computing offers major opportunities for real estate companies, and those that are thinking “cloud” are doing it right. Already, 80% of the top real estate performers are using some form of cloud computing.

Lead and Marketing Management

With lead and marketing management solutions in the cloud, real estate professionals are able to capture leads and track the success or failure of their marketing efforts. These solutions also enable automated communications. Cloud marketing solutions allow real estate organizations to access real-time insights, making it easier to go out and gain new clients. This information helps connect marketing and sales teams, enhancing collaboration and overall business strategy. With communication occurring via email, applications, websites and connected devices, professionals can more quickly respond using cloud solutions, boosting their reputation and credibility. Additionally, clients will appreciate the use of modern platforms.

Mobility Enhancements

Real estate is a sector full of professionals on the go. With the cloud, these organizations can move a lot of their office online. This means that the professionals can be productive at all times, working from any location, on any device, at any time. Agents can access data and information online, while also remaining in contact with the rest of the office. If a real estate agent is with a client at a new property, it’s impressive to pull up necessary information or show comparable options right there, from a mobile device. This simplifies processes and allows agents to close deals more frequently and quickly.

Customer Relationship Management

Also known as “CRM.” This platform in the cloud allows real estate organizations to access, capture and store information about potential and current customers. It allows for interactions between the organization and its clients. Essentially, a CRM system manages growing connections within a growing business. And of course, employees can access this platform on the go, from whichever device they’re using. Real estate companies can even integrate some of their existing software into the CRM, such as marketing or storage. This keeps everything in one place, making it easier to compile contact lists or find information.

Real estate is a relationship-driven industry, and cloud computing can improve the focus on marketing, sales, client service and collaboration. Cloud allows a mobile industry like real estate to successfully take advantage of working outside of the traditional office space.

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