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The Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has grown over the last several years from merely a trend that began from the very birth of the Web to storage in professionally run data centers. It is a blend term that encompasses everything from Infrastructure as a Service to Software as a Service. As the Web grew, service providers noticed that they could rent out space, open application programming that invited third-party developers, and create a lively ecosystem. Cloud computing started as an abstract physical infrastructure that has increased innovation at a rapid rate, and will continue to do so.

It’s the future of cloud computing that we have to look forward to.

According to industry predictions, the next phase of cloud computing will focus on transformation. In-house data centers will no longer be a thought, nor the curiosity of holding massive information securely. The process of becoming familiar with the technology one has will become simpler for those who are not so tech savvy.

There will be 50 billion devices connected via the Internet by 2020, which means extensive growth for cloud computing. We already see it today – everything is becoming software defined. According to new data released by Synergy Research Group, the $110 billion cloud market is growing 28% annually. The public cloud services market is predicted to grow 16.5 % this year to a total of $204 billion. This market continues to demonstrate the rapid rates of which it will grow – especially through the different services and applications it offers.

The transformation of cloud computing is driven by the improvements it has made for IT agility, cost savings and ROI, and the ability to choose how much control one wants. The cloud not only offers a cheaper route, but also a more flexible and effective way of holding critical data than traditional server models. Gartner research shows that 80% of traditional IT expenses go to maintenance, which leaves just 20% for innovation – cloud computing changes that.

Education will be key throughout the growth of cloud computing. Business should continue to study up on what to expect, when to expect it, and how to innovate alongside a constantly changing industry.

What should we look forward to come 2020? More application availability in the cloud, greater segmentation and better education, increased cloud development, and saying goodbye to traditional infrastructure for good.

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