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Why Would You Want to Sell RapidScale?

RapidScale’s cloud products include great entry-points for businesses that are new to the cloud and more complex, developed environments for those looking to completely move their environment to the cloud. We know there are a lot of options for partnerships with cloud companies today, so what makes us stand out? Why would you want to sell RapidScale cloud solutions? Let’s explore.

Full Management

RapidScale’s major differentiator is managed cloud. We offer fully managed cloud solutions to customers, which are perfect for those businesses looking to move to the cloud without taking on extra work. We cover a wide range of cloud solutions, including Infrastructure as a Service, Desktop as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Hosted Exchange, and Cloud Backup. Our services are reliable, innovative and secure, complete with white-glove service and full management options. Business’ IT teams can eliminate the hassle of day-to-day updates, patches, and user management, and move to the next level of IT productivity and profitability. With managed and unmanaged cloud options, RapidScale can meet the needs of a wide variety of  businesses.

What does this mean for our sales partners?

Well, you still make the sale and maintain that relationship, but RapidScale is there to provide complete solution management and 24×7365 support for any questions or issues. This means you can focus on building and expanding your relationships without worrying about the cloud solutions themselves. This also enables you to offer more options to your customers and achieve the perfect solution every time.

Client Focus

Our team doesn’t just focus on customers’ cloud solutions, but also on their overall environment and how it affects their business. Our priority is to create the best client experience overall, complete with 24x7x365 support and end-to-end management and monitoring of a customer’s environment.

What does this mean for our sales partners?

This commitment to the client experience is unique, and it really helps create a positive rapport between you and your clients. Your customers will not only receive a great cloud solution that meets their unique needs, but also endless resources and ongoing support from our expert cloud team.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

RapidScale’s cloud solutions are powered by enterprise-grade infrastructure, with both network and physical security in place to protect clients’ data and environments. We have a 100% SLA guarantee, compliance controls in place, in flight and at rest data encryption, and more. Most likely, your customers have been unable to afford this level of infrastructure to power their businesses – until now.

What does this mean for our sales partners?

With RapidScale, you can sell cloud solutions that you’re actually confident in. Partnering with RapidScale allows clients to benefit from enterprise-level technology including Cisco UCS Blade Servers, SonicWALL Firewalls, NetApp, VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft. Customers that couldn’t previously afford the latest technology and upgrades can now work in enterprise-grade environments for prices they can afford. Why wouldn’t you want to offer that?

Sales Partner Benefits

We have a leading Cloud Partner Program, complete with all the resources our sales partners need to be successful. RapidScale provides numerous resources during the sales process including dedicated Channel Managers, Sales Engineers, Cloud Roadmapping, Project Managers, and much more. We specialize in side-by-side selling to ensure you have everything needed to close new deals. You’ll always have a RapidScale cloud expert to turn to.

Our unique training platform designed specifically for our partners, CloudUniversity, ensures you have all the knowledge you need to sell our solutions successfully. RapidScale can also set up additional training as needed.

And within our Partner Portal, exclusively for sales partners, you’ll find all the marketing materials you need to reach existing and new customers, including email marketing, collateral, infographics, and more. Whether your client wants a product overview, industry-specific information, or a real-world case study, we’ve got it. It’s easier than ever to meet your customers’ demands and send them relevant content to make their cloud choice that much easier. And we also have materials specifically for our partners, including selling tips, FAQ documentation, and more.

There are plenty of cloud providers out there today, but few that provide the client focus and state-of-the-art cloud solutions that can meed a wide variety of business needs like RapidScale. Learn more about our Cloud Partner Program here, and get started learning about the cloud and related technology with our free CloudUniversity courses!

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